We always support our customers and support them both during the useful life of the printers and …… after their useful life.

We offer the complete reuse of printers;
we even propose changing heads with newer technologies and heads (when the hardware structure of the printer allows it)
we propose the use of new inks on old printers to start meeting new needs and market demands.

We extend the useful life of our printers to give them a new life with a continuous return on investment even when apparently it has already given everything. Some of our printers have reached one million square meters printed.

Because in any case our customers remain on our technology and in any case renew with us, so it is a duty for our company and for the environment to extend the life of our / your printers as much as possible.

We are absolutely aware that many of our competitors follow a completely different approach, some even stop supplying inks on old printers (which can only use those inks), forcing them to scrap even perfectly functioning printers.

We have never done it and we never will, and neither will we ever send a communication like this one to our clients:



Product Discontinuation Notification for XXX Printer and YYY Ink Cartridges, Printheads, and Cleaning and Maintenance Kits – beginning April 30th, 2020

Beginning April 30th, 2020, the company will begin a country specific process to discontinue XXX Printer and YYY Ink Cartridges, ZZ1 and ZZ2 Printheads, and ZZ3 and ZZ4 Cleaning and Maintenance Kits which will no longer be available for purchase. Below are the supplies impacted.


Many of our printers have passed the million square meters printed, and have "self-amortized" with a return on investment of almost 50 times, and are still in operation. Contact us for details or to get to know the  customers.