A complete Direct-To-Fabric Solution

• Produce  flag, banners, textiles and soft signage with a single system;
• Print directly onto coated or uncoated polyester fabrics;
• No need for transfer paper or separate heat press;
• High Capacity Bulk Ink System – ideal  for  unattended printing and lower production costs;
• On Board Sublimation System bonds the printed image to the fabric resulting in a permanent, durable image;
• Intelligent Workflow – Roll-to-roll operation minimises requirement for operator oversight;
• Unattended automatic turn-off,  the system can finish, completely unattended, a printing and color fixation job, it will finish curing the textile and it will turn off the calender, everything is automatic;


Based on a completely new developed system the new family of direct-to-fabric digital printers provides a complete solution that enables printing  directly onto polyester fabrics and other fabric substrates with flawless   results. The system features precision media handling components and an advanced on-board sublimation unit that, together, ensure outstanding image quality and rich, saturated colours for flags, banners, textiles, and soft signage that maintain their natural drape and texture. Industrial built digital textile dye sublimation printer. On-board true calender with pressure, timing and heat. Three widths available: 74” (1.8 meter), 104” (2.6 meter) and 126” (3.2 meter) print widths. Water-based inks.
State-of-the-art Kyocera 4pL variable drop print heads.
2X faster than anything comparable on the  market.


The ATPColor solution is designed to easily print on open mesh fabrics such  as flag material and sports textiles without marking the  backside of the  fabric  with “blow-by” ink. The especially designed ink trough with sponge and pad absorbs any ink that passes through the  fabric.


The ATPColor direct-to-fabric printing systems combines trusted performance and reliability  with  award winning   innovative design and print quality.


The engineered system  features two precision stepping motors and synchronised dancing rollers that automatically fine tune the   media feeding  process to  ensure precise movements with every pass of the  print head. Also a special cork covered cylinder can be activated when printing on stretchable media such  as Lycra®, spandex and other sports textiles.


Although the ATPColor system was designed to print directly on fabric, you have the flexibility of printing  on dye sub transfer paper for those projects that require it.


Specifically designed for the ATPColor Direct-to-Fabric systems, the  InLine Cutting System dramatically increases the  ATPColor capabilities.
The production process is made easier and faster by cutting printed fabric on  the  vertical axis. The system  uses  cold knife technology to make sharp flawless cuts.
The InLine Cutting System can be stopped or paused without creating defects in the  printed fabric a significant advantage over traditional hot knife systems.

The ATPColor Direct-to-Fabric printers provide a very productive work flow with sublimation printing directly onto the  fabric then fixing or sublimating the  image.
Now  with the  addition of the  InLine Cutting System, you  can also cut the fabric, while keeping it contained within the footprint of a single compact roll-to-roll printer system.

• Rotating Steel Cutter Bar driven by precision 24VDC motor
• Heavy Duty construction for industrial use Cold Knife Technology
• Adjustable Knives, 4 included with the 74” version, 6 included with the 104” version
• Compact Foot Print, Mounts to OBS Unit, resulting in no increase in printer footprint Includes all accessories necessary for installation.


 Technical Specifications:

Print Width: 330cm
Print Heads:


Number of colors: 4
Resolution: Max 1200 dpi
RIP Software: Included
Max Speed: 180 sqm/hr
2 pass mode
600 dpi
Ink Bulk System: 4x 2,5 liters
Calender Type: Specially developed for maximum heating homogeneity
Max Fixation Temp: 200 °C
Max Roll Weight:  120 Kg
Max Fabric Roll Diameter: 350 cm
Optional Accessories:

In-line Cutting System
Jumbo roll unwinding / rewinding

Dimensions: 530 x 120 x 160 h (cm)
Power Supply:  400V / 32 Amps / 3 phase
Power Consumption: 12 kW
Environmental Requirements: 20-25 °C – Humidity 45-80%


All specifications subject to change without prior notice


 Download pdf.