Renze Display: For more than 100 years, a protagonist in the history of sign & display

New skills and the brainwave for textile with ATP Color printers

Renze Display prints fabrics with a pair of 3.2-meter wide ATP Color, both equipped with inline sublimation units, which have replaced the 2.5-meter wide ATP Color purchased in 2013.

Renze Display

Fabric is crucial

“We saw how polyester was gaining ground in Northern Europe and we started offering it too, initially through external suppliers. The customers liked it and, in 2013, we bought half a million dollars of printed fabric,” says Buchanan. “But the print quality of what we bought wasn’t always good. So we decided it was time to equip ourselves with a sublimation printer.” From the very first demos, however, the Renze Display team faced the difficulty of obtaining deep and homogeneous blacks. In the end, the choice fell to the Italian technology of ATP Color — a love at first sight des- tined to turn into a long-lasting partnership.

Renze uses printers ATP

Nothing is left to chance

Renze Display has been a successful family business for three generations, ready to change and take on new challenges. “In our future, I see wider and more productive presses. We are increasingly involved in the dialogue between end customers, architects and designers. This allows us to propose ambitious solutions that customers often fall in love with. That’s why we’re soon going to need more performative technologies: to make all of this even bigger, and even more exciting,” concludes Buchanan.