ATPColor presents the Tinta BFP190 series, utilizing Kyocera print heads. These industrial print heads are used extensively in the digital textile printing market and print variable drop with sizes ranging from 4pl to 72pl. The BFP190 has among the highest printing speeds available in the market today, matched with the best screening technologies that are tailored for the needs of the customer.

The Tinta BFP190 has a printing area of 190cm (74”) and will be available in multiple head configurations, ranging from 4-16 print heads. The BFP190 offers a complete, scalable printing system that can fulfill most of the printing needs in the textile market. The BFP190 is field upgradeable so as production needs increase, the system can be fitted in the field with more print heads to keep up with growing production requirements. This allows the BFP190 to have a great return on investment over the long term.

The Tinta BFP190 comes standard with a fully automatic cleaning station for easy unattended operation. The system can also be equipped with an optional in line fixation unit for inks that need heat fixation, such as dye sublimation inks.

The EasyBelt technology makes printing on a belt drive printer as easy as possible with extremely easy maintenance.


Technical Specifications:

Print Width: 190cm
Print Heads:


Number of colors: 4/8
Resolution: Up to 2400 dpi
RIP Software: Open to Major RIP Vendors
Print Speed: 212 sqm/h
8 Colors
2 pass
smooth screening
Ink System: 4/8x 10lt
4/8x 2,5lt
Optional Accessories:

In-line calender for colour fixation
Jumbo roll

Environmental Requirements: 20-25 °C – Humidity 50-80%


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