Fogra sets the bar of energy consumption of textile printing at ATPColor Srl

Fogra measures (and certifies) the energy consumption of our textile printers

"The energy consumption of printing presses and finishing systems is underestimated by most printers worldwide, even though the energy bill is one of the most critical items in any printing company's balance sheet."
Roberto Martellono ATPColor Sr

This is why, confident that we've made every effort to minimize the energy consumption of our printers, we submitted our most productive (and energy-intensive) model to Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies for an energy audit. And we are delighted to announce the results of tests carried out on our printer OneTex 5200 by Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies.

The OneTex 5200 is the only textile printer, in 5 meters width, equipped with a true heat calender, printing directly onto the fabric with inline fixation. Now the OneTex 5200 is also the first and only textile pinter (in whatever format) tested under the rigorous requirements specified by ISO Standard 20690:2018 for Energy Efficiency.


ISO 20690 provides requirements and recommendations for measuring the power consumption of small and wide digital production presses in different print modes, “I learnt a lot when applying energy efficiency evaluation (according to ISO 20690) on 5m wide soft signage textile printers from ATPColor and was impressed about the efficient built-in calender!” Said Dr. Andreas Kraushaar from Fogra Institute.

The results are astonishing for a 5 m printer and even more surprising for a 5 m printer with an inline calendar, setting a new milestone in Energy Efficiency. In Production Mode we reach an efficiency (print and fixation) of 10,6 square meters printed per single Kw/h. It's difficult to make comparisons because we are the first one (the "others" will follow). Still, just for a reference, a small Roland XF-640 (1,6 m width eco-solvent, that doesn't need heat calender) has an Energy Efficiency of 6,8 square meters per Kw/h, and is the leader in its category.

Soon we will test as well our OneTex 3300 (textile printer with inline calender in 3,3 mt width), which, we are sure, will exceed the Energy Efficiency of the 5 m.


More info on the Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies standard: