Do you need a coating machine, steamer, washer, calendering machine?
No, the calender is embedded, so you can fix the color without using a separate calendering machine. This saves cost, and space, and labor (salary).

This evaluation of Roland Printers with ATPColor sublimation unit is based on ten years awareness of wide-format inkjet textile printers.


Flaar report DFP-R

Long time in business

"ATPColor has been in business for many years. The owner is dedicated to his business. I do not expect this company to evaporate."


Operated by one person

The media is fed from the back of the printer, and has a system so that one person alone can do this job without having to go from the back to the front of the printer.

The media handling system has a level that allows you to graduate the applied pressure to the fabric, by simply joining or separating the rolls that handle the media.

After the media is printed and fixed it is neatly wound-up, which is very rare in entry level printers, since they usually have an entry level media handling system, opposed to the professional one from ATPColor.